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Tuition for 2022-2023 School Year

High School:  $28,600.00
Middle School: $25,600.00
Administrative Fees: $1,300.00

Merit Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded based on the strength of a student’s application to Devon Prep, including his performance on the entrance exam.  There is no separate application process for merit scholarship. Scholarship awardees are notified upon acceptance to Devon Prep.

Scholarship Award Philosophy

Merit scholarships are given out based on the strength of a student’s application – grades, teacher recommendations, and, of course, the entrance exam score. Often an entrance exam score better than the 90th percentile nationally is needed to qualify for some sort of merit scholarship, although that can be higher depending upon the strength of the applicant base. Please note that we do not give full scholarships, nor do we give scholarships specifically for athletics.

Merit scholarship allows us to award high-achieving applicants, and help them afford a Devon Prep education. The budget and number of applicants will change each year, but the Scholarship Committee does its best to distribute what it can.

Scholarship is not something to be bragged about to neighbors, or viewed as a popularity contest. It is, for us, a means to an end. If you are awarded a merit scholarship to Devon Prep, you should be proud of your achievement. If you aren’t awarded a merit scholarship to Devon Prep, don’t worry – your success isn’t determined by an entrance exam score or scholarship amount, it’s determined by your willingness to engage with what we have and make the most of your time at our school.

To best utilize its budget, the Committee would prefer to give, for example, two $10,000 scholarships rather than one $20,000 scholarship. The budget only stretches so far, and we want to make sure as many students as possible have the ability to come to Devon Prep. The Scholarship Committee works with the Admission Department, utilizing scholarship to build a well-rounded class.

At the end of the day, the decision to send your son to Devon Prep should come down to more than just finances – we are unique in environment, class size, and opportunity level for your son. If you are not awarded a merit scholarship, or you feel a merit scholarship alone isn’t enough to allow you to send your son to Devon Prep, we have need-based aid you can apply for.

Financial Aid

Applications can be submitted at http://sssandtadsfa.force.com/familyportal.

Financial aid applications should be submitted at the same time that your son’s online school application to Devon Prep is submitted – the sooner, the better.

Financial Aid Philosophy

Financial aid exists to make it possible for a family to send their son to Devon Prep that otherwise couldn’t afford to do so. It doesn’t exist to resolve cash flow issues, or to reduce tuition costs to match a competing school. We aren’t as inexpensive as some other schools, but we believe you get what you pay for. Tuition is an investment in your son and in his school.

The goal of the Financial Aid Committee is to give out as much as possible to as many families as possible, understanding that there is more need than the budget could possibly cover. A completed application calculates an amount a family can afford, and the Committee uses that as a starting point. Their intent is to bridge the gap between the cost of tuition and what they feel a family can reasonably pay.

Aid award determinations are strictly need-based, and there is an income level beyond which a family will not qualify for aid. Additionally, there are no families that receive an aid award that entirely covers tuition.

Rarely will a family not be able to make the financial piece work if they want to. The Committee is very mindful when making decisions to help a wide range of families afford Devon Prep. Sometimes the gap between tuition and need is closed entirely. Sometimes a family will need to stretch to send their son to Devon Prep and many families do just that, as they believe the school to be the best place for their son.

New applicants to Devon Prep must apply by December 1st, 2022, to be considered for financial aid. Existing Devon Prep families must reapply by December 31st, 2022 to be considered for financial aid.

For further details about financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Committee at financialaid@lotusgossip.com